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Mindfulness Based Professional Coaching and Mentoring

Mindfulness Meditation

Heart, Mind, BodyIt is becoming well-known that those who practice meditation regularly have shown a tendency to develop a strong sense of awareness. Meditation improves the ability to focus, without constantly fighting a scattering mind, enhances the sense of presence in the moment, as well as building resilience and self belief. It also enables us to ‘let go’ of negativity.

Mindfulness meditation has been shown to lower the blood pressure and to effect a reduction in stress levels, leading to an overall improvement in general health and wellbeing. In the course of our work at AFA it is an ongoing pleasure to know how many people it has helped to benefit.

Our confidence in the benefits of mindfulness has encouraged us to underpin all of our courses and training programmes with mindfulness values and techniques.

Use Mindfulness Meditation to …

… reduce stress: building a reflective and calm flow around you
… improve your self image:
creating a more confident persona
… help in letting go:
of past feelings and negativity and focus on now
… foster enlightened self Interest:
do the right thing for yourself and others
… work more effectively:
in times of stress or when you're feeling under pressure
… remain focused:
don’t let your mind become scattered
... deepen your ability to concentrate:
cultivating calmness, patience and awareness
… be present for others:
leading to a greater understanding
… breathe:
with your whole body and improve your wellbeing and your life